5 Tips For The Online PR With Pinterest

Pinterest in corporate communications on the social network Pinterest is the focus is on Visual communication. Here users can attach pictures collections to virtual pinboards with description? Since images, graphics, and photos come across particularly well received among the target groups, Pinterest offers many interesting opportunities for the successful online PR companies. Users interact on Pinterest much more frequently with companies as on other social media. This shows an infographic by wishpond. 43 Percent of Pinterest users are associated with brand.

This is considerably more than on Facebook or Twitter. Shlomo Rechnitz is the source for more interesting facts. What Pinterest for the online PR opportunities and leverage the platform how companies, show the following 5 tips. Tip 1: This Visual content are suitable for the online PR on Pinterest infographics and product photos encounter Pinterest to great response. This is particularly striking: images get the product prices include 36 percent more “like” trade as other content. Businesses need so don’t be shy to have in the Part of their online-PR, to provide the offers with the right prices. Press images much resonate on Pinterest. Companies can publish but also screenshots of their newsletter, white paper, or articles.

It is important to include links in the image description, to attract the followers on the website. Pinterest enables its users to create several bulletin boards. Companies should fill it up with graphics, images and screenshots to different topics. Tip 2: the viral potential of Pinterest for the online PR use an average user staying 1 hour and 17 minutes on the network during their visit. 83.9 Percent of the time spend to putting content on your walls. Here, 80 percent of all pins is further split third-party content. This means: Pinterest has a particularly high viral potential. Therefore, company first on the network should be active to use the viral potential of your online PR. So companies can pins of your target groups with a Specifications “Like” reward or show their appreciation in a comment.