Think about the results that never would have if not to go out of that pessimism. Normally we are not in contact with our moods and nothing can make us escape this recurrence. Of course if we feel peace or excitement, our decisions and actions will result in positive results for us. I encourage you faced with those states of mind that you are blocking, for example, pessimism, apathy, insecurity, fear. I tell a good news: since our linguistic ontological view, it is possible to intervene. Is your view of the situation what you can keep in paralysis or propel into action. It is therefore very important to be constantly watching yourself, because that way you can intervene whenever necessary. Are you ready to adopt a commitment to begin to watch you and take part in your moods? We will carefully observe the mood you have caught, your insecurity, with the first steps that I suggest the following: 1.

Identify what are the recurrent thoughts are causing you discomfort. How could reconstruct the state of mind "your insecurity? I share with you an example of linguistic re-construction authorized me to publish a customer. INSECURITY I say I want to achieve and live X things in my life. Given X, I think I do not know what would happen if I put into action to achieve what I want. I judge that, if not know what could happen, I risk not having control of the unknown and do not know if I could face new problems.