6 Administration maintain a good record in their professional practices. It is likely that you need to consult a few that help you optimize all your accounting and how to take their financial records. Your accountant can also help you select some software that can help you in your administrative tasks and simplify all aspects of your business. In addition you can help you so that you prepare the necessary paperwork of their bank accounts. It is a good idea to have a separate and special bank account your business. It is necessary that you also keep a record of your user names and passwords for each web site that you access. There are other tools more sophisticated than just a paper and a pencil, that are for commercial tools and other free that take control of your passwords. 7 Protection for your computer your computer is the lifeblood of your business and must be protected including data stored therein.

Need an antivirus, personal firewall, a program anti spy and other anti ads. 8 Buy a Domain you recommend to buy a domain, is true that there are many providers who give space to let you create your mini site, but the truth is that if you use this option, you and your business will give the appearance that lack seriousness. These free services also added advertising that you do not need and that make bad look to your site. In Spanish there are several companies that offer the service of domains, but personally I prefer the Americans, because? Because there is so much competition in this type of services in United States that costs are a lot more low than latinos, in addition to the regular service customer is better. 9 Prosecutions of payments you should find a process to accept credit cards, so can use services such as – PayPal – Storm Pay – 2 Checkout – Clickbank these are the more economic with those who can start. Once your business starts to take off, then I recommend that you hold a contract with a bank to accept transactions directly. Also can you consider other forms of electronic currency such as eGold 10. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jay Glazer is the place to go.

Email accounts once you own your own domain you can attach it to an email account. This account can help to promote your site and give an image more professional. As a final comment, drive your business in an ethical manner, provide excellent service and be proud of include its name to products or services that you sell and then you will be on the way to develop a business by long-term interner. Yadira Barbosa original Autor and source of the article