Adoniran Barbosa

For this way the one was cultivating you way of speaking and feeling, bedding of sambista language. To be actor finished if revelnado a component to be musician. Adoniran did not learn simply with the radio, but with the meeting that he himself promoted between the radio and the daily one of its great one? village? ' ' 16. Adoniran was owner of innumerable voices, that loaded sotaques, timbres, pronunciations, errors of agreement of the Italians and caipiras and as much others nuances that the contact of languages can create. On to music since the beginning of its career, Adoniran was author of numerous sambas that had made the history of the city of So Paulo in its loaded letters of regionalism, poetical, lyricism and mood, crioiu a rich quantity for the paulistano samba. It was in creates to the one of sambas as ' ' Saudosa maloca' ' that Adoniran sang and counted the city. If sinh not remembered you Of the account license That here where now arto is This adifcio Age a house vein One palacete abandoned Was here, its young man, who I, Mato Grosso and the Joca Construmo ours maloca But, one day, nis nor can if alembr Veio home co' the tool the owner control derrub Peguemo everything our thing and fomo pro half of the street Apreci the demolition That sadness that nis felt Each tuba that it fell Ached in the Mato Grosso heart wanted grit But on I said home you co' the Nis reason Only arranges another one lug if conformemo When the Joca spoke god of the cold o as cobert and today nis catches the pia In the gram of the nis garden and pra isquec cantemo thus Saudosa maloca, maloca wanted nis Dim dim of where passemo the days happy of our Saudosa life maloca, maloca wanted nis Dim dim of where passemo the days happy of our life (Saudosa maloca, Adoniran Barbosa, 1955) the personages of the demolido building are the same ones that they were not part of ' ' city of the progress and trabalho' ' the protagonists of the life of Adoniran were these. .