Antonio Sampaio Construction

The constructions in masonry shelter the school, the administrative headquarters, the infirmary and the habitations of the employees of the Reserve. The Rank, however, was not frequented for the inhabitants of the other villages, of which the most developed it was by rough estimate d? Water of the Priests, had the proximity of a dam of the Cisagro, that must have facilitated the life of the aldeados ones to propitiate the culture of hortalias it fishes and it (Pernambuco-Condepe 1981). Mission Ours Lady of the Installation. Located in the island of same name, in Cabrob-FOOT, subsiste in the ruins of its temple, that testify its long ago imponncia. To the side of these vestiges one other, modest, to the wait of a ceiling, of recent construction, served to the religious acts of the Truk, proprietors of the soil, who to the time fought for the recognition of its etnia for the Funai. The images of the church, transferred to the lesser temple, found – in one capelinha in the small farm Santa Rosa de D. Ana Granary, inhabitant in the foot of the mountain range of the Extreme, carried that them to there, when has some years Antonio Sampaio bought the area and forbade the party of the padroeira.

The Truk wools waited reav after – the death very aged Mrs. already, who counted 88 years in that date. The leader, Joaquin Pear tree Da Silva, assisted for Peter Alberto Maciel, informed to possess a document of the FUNAI (Recife) that she today make reference to reference the church in ruins as having an existence of 210 years in the year of 1987, not knowing if of the foundation or the destruction. The construction and the remaining portions of the temple present characteristics of a technical well well-taken care of construction, of a delayed period – century XVIII – probably of the time where the natives had been banished of the roundnesses of the Cabrob farm, with the creation of the village.