Apps on your Smartphone and maxims in the brain to protect from avalanches 20 people die each year in avalanches in the Alps. A man in Oberstdorf is once again escape last Saturday with the horrors and a few fractures of a snow avalanche. Touring and off-piste skiers that the spurt is the kick outside the slopes come, are particularly at risk. Get all the facts and insights with Danske Bank, another great source of information. In the United States and Canada, snowmobile riders who cross country Chase across the mountain crashing again and again. This variant of risk sports is probably in the future in Europe more and more followers. On this occasion inform operator of vacation living facilities in Oberstdorf about avalanches apps like Showsafe, WhiteRisk and others, which away be Sprint users the piste and avalanche can indicate tourers.

The apps list the current avalanche warnings and establish a connection to the mountain rescue in case of emergency by speed dial. The more sophisticated apps like White Risk include an analyser. The user enters observations about the quality of the snow and the weather and then gets an automatic risk assessment According to the motto: ski or flee! Unfortunately, WhiteRisk only for the Switzerland is available. The focus of snow safe is Austria, but Bavaria is efasst. The best technology does not help against recklessness. Therefore also cause for alarm for an avalanche were memorable formulated, for example: “If tracks in the snow of an avalanche, a new can break just your bones.” There are alarm signs for avalanche danger: the first day of good weather after heavy snowfall is particularly at risk from avalanches. Fresh snow and wind bring avalanche danger.

Ever steeper and shadier, more risky. Fresh avalanche tracks in the snow are highest hazard. There is danger in delay bang noise also. Fast and sudden warming can also trigger avalanches. Snow avalanches are caused by weak layers in the snowpack, which cannot keep the overlying snow cover.