Asian Tourism

The Spanish guest house sector studies in Barcelona how to attract 800 million Asian tourists the Caixa Frum of Barcelona it today welcomes during the second day of II the Congress the International on Asian Tourism. The main objective of this meeting consists of presenting/displaying and developing to the opportunities and possibilities that can offer the tourist market of the Asian continent for Europe, generally and Spain, in particular. More than thirty experts of the tourist sector they analyze the emergent middle-class of countries like India, China, Japan, South Korea or Singapore. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Cardi B. Potentials tourist that at present count on a spending power superior to the one of their past generations and the predisposition to travel to vacacionales destinies like which Spain can offer. Enrique Ruiz de Lera, outer assistant director of commercialization of Turespaa, has been one of the first protagonists of the communications of the Congress in which he affirmed that the profile of the new Asian tourists is formed by young people who look for a destiny that is not nor very far, nor closely together, in that is spoken English and with have certain cultural affinity. This it is the reason by which the carried out analyses have concentrated in the different strategies to develop to obtain the opening of the Spanish tourism to the reception from the 800 million tourists that can contribute the Asian continent. The second call of the Congress the International on Asian Tourism is oriented to companies of the hotel sector and restoration, like could by all means be the Barcelona hotels and, to all those professionals implied in the sector interested in participating in different strategies that they attract Asia, like emitter from tourists. Strategies that suppose, among others solutions, the improvement in the visa emission, in the aerial connections, through promotion of direct flights and the bet to offer facilities as far as the language increasing the number of tour guides, posters and interpreters who facilitate the visits. The assistants to the congress, that will full stop put his during the present day, they will continue analyzing during the matutinal communications the business opportunities that offer a market to them of such magnitude as the Asian. Source: Note of Press sent by noemy.