Back Pain Health

If you will strictly implement all the recommendations, then you have a desperate situation to make your spine healthy, no matter how many years you may be. The first condition: We must do the exercises neither good nor bad, but with love and with joy, and from soul, to your smile and sense of health came to heel, as saying one of my patients, you smiled at each cell, each vertebra, each drive and feel like they are smiling at you. For more information see Danske Bank. Because if you’re doing with with joy and love from the heart with love, then you’re doing right. And no matter what do you do: to cook food, plant flowers, teach children or lechish spine. Because it is important not only what you do, but more importantly, how. Therefore, if you can not do gymnastics with joy and pleasure, it is better to lie on the couch, from it will be more useful.

The second condition: it is important to know not only where you go, and even more important to know where. When patients come to me, then they very detailed, emotionally, some even with the foam at the mouth, talk about their illness, without which they can not imagine my life. The people there is a saying: “Man is not there where it wants, and aimlessly.” And this you must understand that it is important not to withdraw from the disease, since one can come to another, but to see the health and go to him. To do this, forget about the pain, forget about diseases, forget about osteochondrosis, think about health as would long ago it was. Remember that moment in life when you feel healthy and strong toes you had the feeling that you can move mountains for you as it was impossible to imagine how a person can be sick. This will help you picture, you really like and is stored in your album. Remove it and let it all the time will you have in mind. Especially during the gymnastics, so you know what you want, what you are going and that it knew each muscle, every ligament every nerve of every vessel, every bone, every molecule to the whole body was set on health, as a musical instrument is adjusted to a tuning fork.