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The culture of innovation, not the innovation management is crucial. A study on the 26 most innovative companies shows that. To succeed in the international innovation competition, companies need urgent new management concepts. The innovation management so the Organization of a process is crucial for the success of ideas, but the culture of innovation that supports them. This result is an investigation of the 26 most innovative companies worldwide including the companies Apple, Intel, Nike, research in motion (BlackBerry), Samsung and Virgin as well as the Indian Tata Group. The study was written by the consultancy in collaboration with the Faculty of strategic management of the school of Leipzig (HHL) the Ideeologen, Baden-Baden. The companies analysed in the study have exciting new approaches to management, providing radically the existing management concepts to the part on the head”, Jens-Uwe Meyer, Managing Director of Ideeologen, which carried out the study reported.

So you encourage Innovation guide their employees in part to fail. Also, this search for their tasks. And their creative teams act as guerrilla fighters”. Above all, so Meyer, these companies and their managers were risk-happy. The most classically structured company uses much energy on minimizing risk.

As a result, these companies awarded many opportunities. The companies examined by us see at risk. a challenge, not an obstacle” The world’s most innovative companies regard their culture of innovation as a big competitive advantage. So for example Jong-Yong Yun, the Chairman of Samsung, says it is not the strategy that Samsung makes successful, but the culture that implement this strategy. According to Meyer, the study shows that one of the biggest mistake of the classical management is the process and structure thinking of most managers. Processes are good and important, when it comes to driving operations forward. Any new ideas to be the same methods but develop.” A problem in the scientific research already being discussed. Writes US Professor Teresa Amabile of Harvard University: creativity is much more frequently killed as promoted. To achieve their business objectives, they develop organizations that systematically destroy creativity.” This statement is supported by numerous studies in the United States: since the mid of the years they show 1990s that companies must change drastically if they want to be creative. That was also the reason why we have included the fledgling subject area corporate creativity 2007 in our MBA curriculum,”Prof. Dr. Torsten Wulf is underlined by the Chair of strategic management of the HHL. We see enormous challenges to companies coming to. Future MBA graduates will need to think entrepreneurship much as the Manager of generations before them.” The biggest advantage of a lively culture of innovation is their uniqueness. Innovation processes can copy overnight, the underlying culture of innovation not”, explains Jens-Uwe Meyer. In addition, creative businesses are more flexible. When new challenges come structured and guided companies such as dinosaurs are classic. You have still not even properly registered the new situation, since creative businesses are already completely realigned.” Interested can download the study from the Web site download.