Body Radium

Blue clay – a drug from the ground blue clay from ancient times was used not only as a valuable building material, but also a drug. Blue clay kills bacteria, absorbs the liquid around them and gaseous toxins, odors, gases, and kills germs. Blue clay destroys the stale smell of food. Blue clay helps to cope with different food poisoning, as well as from diseases such as cholera, dysentery and many other infectious diseases. Radium – the main radioactive element contained in the blue clay. Details can be found by clicking Dalton Caldwell or emailing the administrator. The longer the clay under the sun, the more it will contain radium. Treatment of blue clay gives the body radium in its pure form, in a natural state and in the doses needed in the body. No bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms can not withstand such a radiation.

Due to its radioactivity blue clay is the best natural sterilizer. In contrast, all chemical antiseptics, kills not only bacteria but also healthy cells, blue clay, eliminating microbes and their toxins, strengthens the immune system, helping to combat new microbial infections, updates the cell and injects them with new strength, despite the defeat of aging or degeneration. Due to its radioactivity blue clay enhances the natural forces of the body. Methods of blue clay Blue clay has been used successfully to treat a wide variety of diseases, including cancer (lotions on the affected Body and ingestion). Established that the blue clay has a strong antitumor effect, which applies to both benign and malignant tumors. Perhaps this is due to the fact that blue clay contains a rare radioactive element, having great power – radium.