Brazilian One

I call gratuitous exploration that one that points the searchlights with respect to pain and it does not stop what it will help to the society and the government to decide the problem. This history of that the commotion pressures the authorities is greater papo pierced ragged excuse of the vehicle who places the money of the easy hearing above of the dignity human being and the social mission of the press. To pressure the government to act against homicides and traffic of drugs is a thing, but to place desperate mothers crying in 90% of the reporter after the attack of a psychotic one without speaking in security in the schools and without guiding the public to recognize unbalanced pathological, is maldosa exploration low and exactly! It does not have excuse. He is ' ' sadojornalismo' ' srdido, irresponsible and end point! After this long one, but necessary introduction, we go to the central and nevrlgico point of the subject: THE FRIEZA, THE FOOLISHNESS AND THE BADNESS POLITICS. Although the press presents these publishing characteristics that vary of vehicle for vehicle, a thing exists that if calls FACT.

Corruption, assault to the state treasury, indifference with the health, with the security, education among others are questionable FATOS or not, they do not leave of being FACTS. I arrest the FACTS solely to speak on the commemorations that we after attend before-of-yesterday the SMASHING victory of the government in the approval of the 20 billion the Treasure it BNDES to finance Train-Bullet for So Paulo. Laughs, tapinhas in the coasts and confraternizao enter the parties of support to the government and, astonish, between them the PCdoB, exactly ahead of a frustrate attempt of senator Incio Arruda to brighten up the ideological incoherence of its party. It is the paradox of the social-bourgeoisie-comuno-capitalist, similar good to that finished with the communism it oligarchical Politburo of the Soviet Union and knocked down the wall of Berlin, imported for the chorosas Brazilian widowers of You give.