Buddhism And Health

Sometimes, religion can be good for one’s health. On June 15, 1927 gathered his disciples and sat in the lotus position and asked to read a Buddhist prayer “Good wishes to the outgoing,” which usually addressed to the deceased. Confused students could not decide on this prayer in a live teacher, then Itigelov started it himself. The monks were forced to pick up a prayer. In the lotus posture Hambo Lama stopped breathing and meditation immersed in mahasamadhi. In samadhi livelihoods “gross body” at all stops or life processes are slowed down by a million times. This happens under conscious control of a yogi – his “subtle body” continues to live. In other words, Itigelov slowed, almost stopped, and time. The body just seems dead, it left the vital energy, and it must be protected from outside influence.

Master’s body buried in bumhane (cedar box) in the area Huhe-Zurhen, where the funeral of famous lamas. Before you finally leave, he gave clear instructions as to bury him, and when to visit. “Come to me in 30 years. Look my body. And 75 years later I come back to you. ” In 1955 a group of lamas at the head of Hambo Lama Lubsan-Nimoy Darmaevym uncovered the sarcophagus with the body for two years before he left. The procedure has been forced – the strongest storm in the village of Zun Orongo tore roof, and the head of the Buddhist clergy has decided to conduct the necessary rituals to the named period. Convinced of the immutability of the body Itigelov, Lama changed his clothes and bumhan.