Carlos Lugo

He clarified that the project of law of languages is a garment of peace, which for the first time, managed to gather in their elaboration and approval to several institutions in the country, including the MEC which gave its opinion favourable to the text of the above-mentioned bill. Omombe u avei heta hendape ojejaheiha nande rapichakuerare ndaiporigui ombohovaiva era ejerure imba, Guaranime. On your turn, Lic. Carlos Lugo claimed to the MEC respect for the human rights of 27% of monolingual Guarani, who have every right to learn and grow in their own language. Naiporai nambotapykue Guaranime one evape. MEC oneha era omoarandu mita ambaiteva has mitarusukuerape mokoive nane NE eme, anitei peteivape ohecharamove has ambuevape (Guarani) akointe omboyke katu. Subsequently, Lic. Pilar Roig provided the support of the Coordinating Committee of human rights of Paraguay to all claims submitted by those who preceded him in the use of the word; reporting also that in the report on human rights in the Paraguay 2009 year, was used, in its wording, the Guarani; in that regard, valuing the contribution of Miguel Angel Veron and Pearl Alvarez.

Guarani tapykuepe jaheja Ndikatui one evape. Tekoteve nanangareko has naipytyvo Avanee puruharape. Ndajajapoiro upeicha, jajahei rapichare nande. Finally, Lic. Susy Delgado mentioned that the address to his Office and the Ministry of public function come promote Guarani courses for civil servants; (e) also proposed to enable various discussion spaces on the linguistic issue in the Paraguay, in order to foster the citizen participation. Jaipotaro ko tembiapo ohupyty opavave nambohasava era nane remiandu Guarani, tekojoja ne rehegua. After listening to all the orders, the Minister Luis Alberto Riart exclude manfiesto that at no time was in his mind or in the MEC, reduce or discriminate against Guarani. It also expressed its desire to find a solution to the deadlock. It noted that education in the Paraguay must necessarily be bilingual; and also open to learning other languages.