Climate And Temperature Zone For Budget – Refrigeration Equipment

What is the zone of temperature in the fridge and what needed the temperature zone, press the climate classification, that it’s just cold in a refrigerator at any point. This property is exploited to find the ideal storage temperature for the different food in the fridge. Therefore, refrigerators are classified by the manufacturer into several temperature zones. In a refrigerator, you need about 2Grad + up to 8 degrees + storage temperatures. Therefore, the refrigerator is divided into several temperature zones and set up accordingly.

The distribution of temperature in the fridge is design and physical reasons. That is why it is or the warmest in the door area. As the refrigerator is acknowledged appropriately can therefore something vary. Therefore aimed at storing food according to the operating instructions of your cooling device. Of course, even the humidity for the storage of food is a criterion and is today also recorded with modern equipment and controlled.

The temperature zone deals so with the temperature and their distribution in the Interior of the refrigerator or the freezer. However, the climatic class has to do anything with this all. The climate classification of a refrigerator defines the environment variables so temperature and humidity where the refrigeration device optimally. These climates usually on the type plate of the refrigerator or the freezer are not undercut or exceeded. One differentiates 4 climate zones. It is the climatic class SN (ambient temperature + 10 to + 32 degrees) and the climate class N (+ 16 to + 32 degrees) in our most. There is still the climate class ST (+ 18 to + 38Grad) and climatic class T (+ 18 to + 43Grad). It is a widespread nonsense refrigerators and freezers designed for use at room temperature, to operate in a much colder place. This has to do with the interpretation of the compressor and its running time. It should be taken so that the cooling device the climate class with the temperature in the place of the will match. This will optimize the costs for the operation of the cooling unit and saved the money for some repair or spare parts. Gunther of Hilpoltsteiner