Commercialization Ground Fertilization and correction of the ground chemical Fertilizations is composites that they aim at to supply the deficiencies in vital substances to the survival of vegetables. They are applied in agriculture with intention to improve the production. The plants need diverse chemical elements: ) Macronutrientes? carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, match, sulphur, calcium, magnesium and potassium; b) Micronutrientes? boron, cobalto, have covered, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. Some of these elements are satiated available in the environment and are directly assimilable for the plants, as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Others as Nitrogen although satiated available in the atmosphere it is not directly absorvvel for the plants or the process of absorption are very slow. To the necessary elements and that normally they are added to the ground to supply deficiencies and to increase the productivity calls seasonings.

The fertilization is indispensable for the production of hortalias, being that they are all of short cycle and in the lack of the same one can cause serious consequences in the production. It serves to supply the existing necessities and that they will be detected through a laboratorial analysis of the ground. Moreover, she can be chemical or organic and even though to use the two. The correction is made generally before the preparation of the ground, where the used mineral more is the calcareous rock making with that it neutralizes the acidity, varying the PH of culture for culture. 1.4.5 Commercialization According to Sandroni (1999, P. 209), ' ' Commercialization is the intermediate process between the producer and the consumer. It consists of placing the goods and services produced to the disposal of the consumer, in the form, time and place where it is made use I acquired-los&#039 it; '. Currently the commercialization if carries through with the application of the techniques and the processes of the marketing that study the market to discover which products and services that it demand and in which amounts.