In fact, the following happened: after the working day, Russian and Ukrainian, drank and ate, and they invited me to one of banglodeshtsev and poured him. In Conaty zaschel senior fellow banglodeshtsa and bluntly spoke against the custom of drinking alcoholic beverages, as banglodeshtsy mosulmane and drink they can not. I must say that he apparently in an insulting manner and his words fell on fertile soil is not, since the Russian refugee probably a lot like that in Uzbekistan. After thinking long, he took a metal pipe and went on the floor to search for the offender, broke with the one door after another. Long or a short is sought it, but eventually cracking the right door, he found her his abuser, and with it another five banglodeshtsev.

In view of the explicit numerical advantage, banglodeshtsy robbed of a metal pipe and struck her several blows as uninvited guests. In this case, was cut scalp and blood was shed. Here podeshel Ukrainian, took the wounded, bandaged him and put to bed. A banglodeshtsy were thinking what to do, because they have caused injury to local residents and that will morning analysis of the situation? Without thinking, they called the police and unanimously told the following: one banglodeshtsev walked down the hallway, he was approached two men, one of low growth and a young (Russian refugee), put a knife to her throat banglodeshtsa and demanded money, the second one was elderly and high (Ukrainian), he kicked in the stomach and also demanded money..