All this paterimnio, comes being threatened for enterprises that do not obey the effective ambient legislation, as the construction of a habitacional set that is situated in the part east of the lagoon. The west meets emprendimentos in its majority of great average transport commercial and educational, with its structures in masonry. Valley to stand out that such empredimentos already had caused the aterramento of an area considerable of the complex lagoon of the indians, causing the compacting of the ground and the assoreamento of the canal, with this, it is changed structure of the place and in consequncia the planing of the source of the lagoon, therefore these empredimentos if find well next and inside to the lagoon even though. In visit to the place we evidence, that the garbage and the sewer in its majority are poured without nenhun treatment inside of the area of the undertow. Second study made for the SEMA (State secretary of the Environment), the pollution of the water for the sewer is contributing for the proliferation of harmful species as the brave cotton, vegetal this that liberates toxin contaminating and killing other aquatic plants.

One still evidenced the climatic alteration, the atmospheric pollution and of the courses dgua. the erosion of the source, the alteration of the biological reproduction, the migration of fish, the reduction of the percolating and the disequilibrium of the procedural dynamics as well as the proliferation of endemic diseases. Ahead of the observed facts ' ' in loco' ' , we contact that great the responsible one for the ambient impacts, is the proper government of the State that through its agencies of protection of the nature, comes taking measured shy to contain the actual damages the undertows, mainly in relation to the aterramento to the sewer played in the place. The municipal power also comes contributing for the degradation of the undertows when it grants license for the construction of habitacionais and industrial complexes next to these areas to protection, not making studies of detelhados impacts, to verify if the area she is propitious for such investments, as well as the collect of the garbage left for the population in entorno of the lagoon What we observe until the moment is that the ambient agencies had not yet disclosed themselves to make a planning for the preservation of the place, therefore is verified that it does not have public lixeiras in the neighborhoods of the highway that cuts to the complex lagoon of the indians, I accumulate of garbage that is next edge, it will inside go to be carried to from the lagoon due the action of the winds mainly when these materials are light as: plastics, cans of beer, cooling, bottles and papers, causing later the proliferation of illnesses.