It said that there is to end the culture to cut way. With the one of Pepe the alive one. It was asked Why the schools close the week ends? With me, the schools will be open those days, for the culture and the sport. It also said that it drove in all the parks the retreats and all cultural act. Lourdes said that Lima is like Peru in very small. She in addition would not have changed the place where it was the statue of Pizarro.

She approves the management cultural of Chestnut grove, and it will follow with the same. It in addition is proud of her city. Humberto Lay said old Donkey not trota ? It is worried about the contamination and the sweepings. Lima is the city dirtier than I have seen in all Latin America assured. One has to do its city like its house, and not to be throwing sweepings to the street also said that it will purify the sea of the green coast.

Fernando Andrade said that he does not have a magical baryta to solve the problems of the city. He is going to put accent in the culture, he did since it in Miraflores. It said that it wants to be manager of the city. In order to finalize his program Jaime it said that a friend reputation lawyer did not want to reveal his identity sent an electronic mail to him in which he says to him: If I veto does judgment to you by insult, the reciprocal serious insult, and there not but it would be the thing, in addition it began. And also it would be enough that one of the boys whom the denunciation by pedofilia did con I veto Ortiz Pajuelo, would ask that the case reopens; automatically one would reopen. Ortiz is playing with fire, personally that joda Truly I veto myself is playing with fire, and this time yes could go to the jail.