Czech Republic

Kindergartens and schools for children living in the Czech Republic with the status of residence. Construction of aliens in a foreign country always brings a lot of emotions and nervous shock, especially if next to no friends, friends who could help and suggest how and what should be done cost-effectively and overcome resistance in achieving the ultimate goal. One of the pressing issues is the device (design) of children in kindergarten or school. Do not make mistakes and make the right choice – the task of parents, which greatly affect the development of the child in the process of integration, primarily in new for his children's Czech society, a new life with the new rules, laws and traditions. Actually make a child to kindergarten or school, does not make any problems, but ignorance of the Czech language and yet the fear of the first meeting with the school or kindergarten create some uncertainty. Questions: how to meet, as will be taken, or refused to help in the design frighten foreigners and many are forced to rely on friends or strangers compatriots who provide this kind of services for money. We are in no way want to offend a foreigner, a reader who fearlessly goes and self-satisfied with their children. Can only say great! Make out your children, not engaging commercial structures. Czech leaders of children's elementary and secondary educational institutions are very loyal and willing to discuss the design and even the initial assistance to children in terms of learning the Czech language and the occurrence children in the new team.