Teamwork and communication within a company are so easy to coordinate, for example, in a Department or workgroup. Also, phone conferences can be started without any prior knowledge. Virtual conference rooms can as many Conference participants dial in. “Digital fax solution without additional expenditure an integrated Mail2Fax” and Fax2Mail “service can be used free of charge. More information is housed here: 15 Percent Pledge. The circumstances significant expenditure for additional fax software fall away so completely. Fax2Mail and Mail2Fax”,” enable sending and receiving faxes as file directly to your computer. Would a company does not waive the usual fax device, this easily to the VoIP telephone network connect and continue with call manager by using a SIP adapter via the CNT. The CNT’s call manager Billing Manager guaranteed cost control and security”allows full control of costs.

Per second connection data can be clearly and can be used for example directly to the internal billing for cost centers, departments and clients. The calls through CNT call manager is protected by using elaborate security measures. A private, redundant secure data center ensures the permanent availability of the telephone system. An individual backup routing ensures that participants in case of failure of the Internet are still reachable. Automatically is then redirected to an alternative instrument deposited by the participants, for example, on his cell phone. Fraud control prevents a misuse of the telephone line for the case that a PC with Softphone or SIP phone is stolen. Data and call encryption to protect against hacker attacks and economic espionage.

Solution to the customer on the phone even for telephone customer support service numbers, call center and support lines is well-equipped CNT call manager. As options are available for this purpose both the professional call distribution (engl: automated call distribution ACD) as well as the language dialog system (engl: interactive voice response, IVR) available. IVR caller through wholly or partially automated dialogs.