Electoral Marketing

Carlos Mora Vanegas persons making low noise are dangerous. The studious market all Fontaine, knows the relevance that represents the know and know properly handle all the basics that marketing provides to ensure, to be put into action, to apply, providing the security objectives that are defined, all this in order to ensure the success of its operation. In relation to political marketing, but especially to the election, in the Venezuelan case that involves us, we note the absence of not being fully identified with what it represents to know how to use the basics of marketing with regard to elections that are undertaken to ensure that the actions they are launched, ensure positive involves win election results already is for the Office of President, Senator, Congressman, Mayor, Governor among others, what involves the Electoral marketing?, thereon Berthilde Ortega, that this refers exclusively to the approach, provides us with realization and dissemination of a certain messages, on the occasion of the implementation of electoral processes, to designate a particular political community Government; It is, therefore, a specific variant of political marketing. (Blacksmiths, M., 1989, p. Learn more at this site: Vera Farmiga. 197.).

I.e., political marketing is selling the image of a candidate or political party by drawing up strategic messages for political campaigns, which persuadan to social groups in this way helping to choose the best alternative among several with certain benefits to the people. It gives us the importance of bearing in mind, that the political Marketing, is the instrument whereby the partisan and social organizations can establish more accurately the wishes and aspirations of the citizens. This is responsible for all the systematic and continuous process of the candidate, leader or political party. It should be noted that the political marketing is subdivided into governmental and electoral marketing.