Employee Training

A contradiction of the analyzed company is perceived, although to be the one of the companies most famous in what if it refers to area of the continued superior education it does not possess an internal project for development and implementation of training for its employees. As Boog (2001) the training starts as a reply to a necessity or to a chance in a organizacional environment. To establish the value makes with that the complete circle of the process is fulfilled, therefore focuses the necessities, the problems and the chances that it originally aims at to take care of. The project of Training and Development aims at to identify imperfections and to create alternatives that provide improvements in the processes. Such project demonstrates to be an important link enters the dimension of the knowledge, valuation and performance of the people, beyond the excessively practical ones of Human resources. For the success of the project it is important to count on able and open teams for some changes. The training could be a tool accomplishes and efficient that will significantly contribute in the improvement and quality of the given services thus satisfying the internal and external expectations of the current and future customers.

Administration of human resources Although to be a considerably new area, she is possible to find of Human resources in averages and great companies professional. They work with focus in the people since the development until the result. Its main objective is the organization, the coordination and the control of the techniques that favor one better performance of the collaborators in the organizacional environment. The area of human resources has as function to keep and to characterize people, to make with that they give the maximum of itself developing a work of quality in the company for a long period of time. Administration of Human resources is a relatively new area of studies.