Enterprising Article

The manifesto of the entrepreneur (articulo1) linear thought Versus exponential thought. One of the main errors of 97% of the entrepreneurs who we presented/displayed to you in this manifesto is a set of paradigms that has the entrepreneur. One of these paradigms is the paradigm of linear thought Versus exponential thought. The linear thought is when the entrepreneur cannot see but he has than his physical eyes they can see, and he is reflected in all the aspects of his business. For example when contract people, does not have a recruitment system, does not take time for to investigate to that contract, contract by urgency, after which contract people passes the following thing: It puts the same day that contract to any person to to work, without before painting the vision to him of the business to the new personnel. This linear thought, that has the entrepreneur finally this thinking I am going to shake to those problems with the aid of this person.

The contracted one will do all the best one than it can, but since there is no a specific explanation of how it is that work that will do hit in the final results of the business. It begins to make the things as better it seems to him, leaving everything to his mood of every day. When as enterprising you change east paradigm of linear thought that is only concentrated in the problems that you wish to solve in the present and change it with the paradigm of exponential thought that takes into account the present, and more than nothing the effect of the present actions in results. When beams this change your business begins to change and to improve. It remembers that the success in your business is in changing and fitting your way to think, your internal world, your form to see the things.