Of these 919 marks, the sector that agglutinates more is the one of " Beauty and esttica" , with 82 chains (12 more than in 2008); " Stores especializadas" , with 77 (3 less), and " Furniture/Textile; , with 62 (1 less). It also emphasizes the disappearance of 11 companies of the activity of " Agencies inmobiliarias" (one has gone of 34 to the 23 present ones); other 11 of " Fashion femenina" (happening from 59 to 48), as well as of 9 standards of " Services financieros" (from 30 to 21). On the contrary, it has increased the number of companies in the sectors of " /Complementos fashion " , with 7 marks more; " /Varios services " , 4 more, and 3 chains more in the activities of " Education/Formacin" , " The hotel trade/Cafeteras" , " The hotel trade/Fast food" and " Informtica". Establishments According to the annual report of the AEF, to 31 of December of 2009 a total of 57,139 establishments worked, of which 13,400 were property of the chains and the other 43,739 were franchise-holders. If we consider that in December of 2008 the 58,305 premises operated, a reduction has taken place of 1,166 points of sale, a 2%. In this sense, the tendency aims at that the standards have bet abrir to own establishments, since in that period it has gone from 13,201 to the 13,400 premises, 199 more, whereas those of character franchise-holder have descended in 1.365, happening from 45,104 to 43.739. For Vallhonrat, this reality must " to the problematic one that they have the companies at the moment abrir to establishments franchise-holders, due to the difficulties that exist to obtain financing on the part of the organizations bancarias". Use With regards the use that generates the system of franchise in our country, at the end of the past year they were the 235,075 people who worked in the same: 67.439 in own establishments and 167,636 in local franchise-holders.