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Various international, strong partners such as Intel/Microsoft, but also Apple are strongly interested in the topic (topic education!) and have in Vista to support the number of app. These international companies will perfectly support the marketing. World of wonders has a strong, savvy brand, not only in the German-speaking world. The makers of the brand: Hendrik Hey, producer and Publisher, 48. Hendrik Hey studied German Philology and journalism in Dusseldorf and Berlin.

With over 20 years experience he as a journalist with a focus on TV, today considered one of the most prominent science journalists in Germany. He is moderator and producer of the successful Science TV format world of wonders, send start in 1996, he has developed and is the founder and the creative mind of world of wonder. Prof. Dr. Frank Winnenbrock, CEO, 48.F rank Winnenbrock studied business administration and computer science in Dusseldorf, later European law in St.

Gallen. He holds a master’s degree in laws in European and international law, as well as a PhD in management and others. After a few successful years in consulting, industry and the media, Frank Winnenbrock came in the years 2000 to world of wonder and is also a shareholder. The brand world of wonder is one of the best-known and most prominent knowledge of brands, not only in Germany today. With the TV magazine, printed magazine DVDs – website, and various other, international licenses, the company has consistently performed your focus of the TV brand on the media brand to the product brand and has one of the largest and most attractive moving image archives on knowledge in Europe. The conditions: World of wonders offers its investors under a profit-participation loan at an entry level starting from 250 EUR a minimum interest rate of 6% p.a. and to an interesting revenue share. Additional interesting benefits are to refer to the overall presentation. The Portal: The Crowdinvesting partner SEED Experts, Berlin, portrays itself as the first portal, that has devoted themselves sustainable projects and was therefore hired by world of wonders. For the first time acts a Crowdinvesting portal with a defined core focus on specific sectors: education, bio-food, regenerative concepts, E-mobility,. Share economy, social responsibility, and sustainability solutions. Thus, it differs significantly from other providers. CONTACT and further information: Information and impressions around this extraordinary project and the Crowdinvesting platform SEED EXPERTS learn under: crowdfunding.