Eye Make-Up

Hay to always use a cosmetic pencil sharpener, to prevent that the mine is clogged and is broken. Conviene to sharpen the right pencil before going to use it so that the mine is soft Subrayar the root of the eyelashes of above because it enlarges the eye. – If an elaborated maquillaje is desired very, it is possible to be stumped by all the eyelid a cream shade and to be applied the dust shades later. an outline with white pencil in the edge of the eyelid superior and inferior illuminates and cheers the glance. If the maquillaje is too much hard or it has not been totally correct, is enough to disguise the color or the error with a little dusts I am transparent applied with a small brush. the form of the eye determines the colors following a basic principle: the clear tones stand out and put of relief, the darks sink and they deepen.

the dark tones are applied in the edge of the eyelashes, the clear tones are used to illuminate the internal zone of the eye. During the day the neutral tones (gray, brown, black, pink, beige), more natural and enhancing are preferable. the tones mate or semimate are enhancing and natural for everybody, since they suppress the brightness effect that bad reliefs produce. the pearly tones are very difficult to take because they are too visible and instead of to attenuate the defects stand out. Generally, the bronzed skins mates or feel the deep tones well to them, whereas to the pale skin the tones go to them better pie. the maquillaje of eyes must begin more close possible of the eyelashes so that it is natural.

In the eyes with ring under the eye is due to choose, the brown tones or gray smoke. the mature eyes must exile totally the pearly shades and choose tones mates, smooth and luminous. For the green eyes: most enhancing they are the ocher tones, brown, earth and for the night the mallows or roses. For the blue eyes: the grays and, at night, the yellow gold. For the brown eyes: the ocher-yellow, pink-salmon, even brown-receive and blue the warm one at night. For the dark eyes: the clear gray, the tone smoke and the roses.