Facebook Genera Clients For Your Agency

As you will already know, my idea that all the information that enters my head it must serve us for something. This same treatment to instill (luckyly with considerable success) in my readers and the clients who I advise on tourist marketing in Internet. Therefore, with that you will read next, YOU MUST DO SOMETHING, must be information that you turn into acts of your part so that your business of tourism works better. Today I read that, according to a study of market, Facebook it finishes moving to Google like the most popular site in EE.UU (click to see the original note in English here). Although he is not determining (there are other studies that not yet gives to Facebook the first place him), he is incredible to see how it increased the amount of visits in Facebook in a 185% if we are in account the same day old but of 2009. , Very interesting and yes pretty, but all we, who we are not owners of Facebook, how we can be benefitted with this? Here some ideas so that go you put ALREADY in practice! it uses the enormous amount of traffic of Facebook and his sectorisation tools: although to put an announcement in Facebook it is more difficult (and demanding) that the sponsored connections of Google Adwords, if good it beams, you have very little competition (still) and can arrive at much more concrete sectors, of a more direct way, and in very just a short time. Now, yes or yes you will have to do it or, or you will run the risk of which they cancel your account, along with all contacts.

He is something that happened to them to some well-known ones, and is not an pleasant experience. it takes advantage of the little competition: those are very little that today announce in Facebook. Those are few at least do that it well. That is a great advantage, because if you know 3 or 4 ” truquitos” specific, Facebook is an ally incredible (and unique) not only to obtain interested in your agency or turtico destiny, but also fidelizar to which or they exist in your company. it now generates clients who are easier: we learn of the experience. In 2002, when Adwords appeared in scene, he was cheap, fast and simple to place campaigns of I connect sponsored.

Those were not many that took advantage of the fever ” Google Cash” that, finally, ” finished in the well-known; Google Slap” , where many advertisers remained without place, the prices by click raised and others astronomically. Today Facebook is in diapers, Perhaps and if you know how to promote the destinies of your agency, then you will have obtained is a fleeting question, a fashionable species, or perhaps (as it seems to me) Facebook arrived to remain with the first position of traffic by a long time. It will be necessary to see what Google does, that never lived in all their history, since it arrived at the first place, a similar situation. As much their owners as their shareholders are not going to remain of arms cruzados. Meanwhile, we, like consumers of both services, surely will see beneficiaries! The competition lives! If or you are making publicity in Facebook or you want to begin to do it of effective way, then you need services like mine.