Faces UC Consultant

It must stimulate, give opportunity that arises, knowing the opportunity where she can emerge and discover that everyone bring a potential than from know you stimulate generate great results. In the current case of the Venezuelan reality, there are many opportunities that invite management once and for all turn their creative potential, step to ideas, actions that favor not only to companies, but the productive sector that today more than ever demand for creative people who help you out later before the great challenges facing. Considers that there is coincidence between the specialists consider that creativity is not a natural quality, with which you were born but it can develop. Majaro, another prominent specialist, more focused in creativity in companies says: although I agree that many people are more creative than others, I also believe that many have been trained to respond to external stimuli, as to behave in a creative way. Weirich is more accurate when it raises creativity not only can be taught, but it can also be learned.

Lastly, remember what she brings Manuel Rodriguez, that creativity goes hand in hand with technology, container is that restless person that wants to give to the nail, who wants to find a solution to the problem afflicting both the company, even those beings do not sleep when assigned to them a job of such nature: create that missing pieceHow to improve processes such as bring your product to the preference of consumers, as motivate people, how to do you for this or that thing, then be creative is inventive apart from restless, brilliant, not He is at peace or with yourself until you have created the long-cherished solution. Eng. industrial, lawyer UC, EGADE (ITESM) graduate degrees in master of business administration; quality and productivity; Education Ph.d. in education professor of postgraduate Area of Faces UC.