Five Levels Of Health

We all want to live – and live well. One of the clearest indicators of the level of life is our health. Understand the interest shown by health topic. Especially because there are different diseases. Our world is created on the principle cause-effect relationships. If there is a consequence of – disease, hence the reason.

And it is not necessarily obvious reason for this – otherwise we simply would eliminate the cause, and disease would not have been. I believe that the main cause of illness is a lie. Truth and lies intricately intertwined. And, depending on the ratio between lies and truth, we can distinguish five levels of health. 1.

There are people who do not want to live. Are criminals, drug addicts, suicides are crazy. Or consider dishonest politicians and businessmen, drug traffickers and their accomplices, as well as all those who do lie to their livelihood. Such people are dangerous to society. Wishing the death of himself and others, they hypocritically claim to fight for good, truth and justice. In a harsh winter is our small town shaken by a terrible tragedy. Two boys were in the family, one for 4 years, another 6 years. Mum was in hospital and his father, bringing children from a kindergarten, a well noted an upcoming event. Children romp, and a strict father threw them on the balcony and fell asleep. In the morning, slept, he rushed to look for children. Senior gave almost all his clothes younger. Both were frozen.