Getting Started Create Blog

How to create a blog? Let's start with the fact that blogs are quite popular lately, myself enjoy reading many different blogs and just recently he decided to create a blog. The first thing he thought about hosting, and began to google, look for more profitable long compared, as it turned out – to no avail. Well, first, because prices vary a maximum of $ 1 per month, for quality and service are different as heaven and earth. My advice, do not look for what is cheaper, look better. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Melido Perez. Good hosting is not only a good rate and high Uptime, it is also a support service, many hosts with "attractive" rates, it is almost completely absent, and the simplest answer to the question you have to wait for days, in result is not a support, and Google becomes your best friend.

And so, to deal with price, we proceed to surf is not cheap hosting, and quality and it is right for themselves do not save. At the expense of quality, uptime, you can learn from Google's, there is a lot of different reviews. When you find something that you really happy with, begin the assault support service, good service support is a must, you do not have time there to address, in a better way to know in advance Whether you can help. Talk about rates, ask for help to choose the right, find out whether you will help establish what you want, ask about rates, discounts, on partner programs, about where you can read reviews, find and so further.