To the beginning of every year, we make a list of our goals and when finishing to write as the affection recommends keeps in a drawer How many lists already we write? How many goals we long for? How many dreams we think about one day who to know to dream? A dumb decision everything, a simple word modifies all this list What we really make with our life? What of material already it obtained? Not very to costruir a patrimony and to leave for the heirs! We run in such a way behind the false happiness that we forget the small things Because the happiness is a spirit state, that only can be felt and not be bought! That the good choices are made and that the next list does not need to be written, is enough to join all that already had been made and also not necessary to wait the beginning of the next year pra reooganiza-ls. Yesterday already it was, tomorrow who knows! It makes the alive difference today! It says what it will have that to be said, it feels what has that to be felt because the time does not stop.