Google Adwords Business Manual

Google AdWords Manual What is AdWords? AdWords is a Google advertising program, and it is a quick and easy to use tool that allows you to purchase ads cost per click (CPC) which are correctly oriented, whatever your budget. With this method, the advertiser only pays when a customer clicks on the ad, beyond the number of times it appears in the Google Web. Insert advertising as Google Adwords, also known as sponsored links or sponsored links. Adwords ads are displayed alongside search results on Google (right or above), and only appear for certain keywords that the advertiser chooses. Also see on search sites and content of the growing Google Network, including AOL, Earthlink, HowStuffWorks and blogger. In this way the ads are able to reach a wide audience.

With regard to the characteristics of the ads, they do not support images, and they must take four lines (25 characters in the title, 70 and 35 in the text in the URL). The advertiser specifies the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click from a particular word, as not all have the same price. Google also provides a personal account so that the advertiser to monitor your advertising campaign, and can control and manage expenses. The Google AdWords ads can reach thousands of new customers, and for this to work the best way possible, in their own ads, choose keywords to help guide them to users. To save you money, the AdWords Discounter automatically reduces the actual cost per click to reach the person paying the minimum cost to maintain your position on the results page.