Gorleben Committee

For trash the conservation of mass applies to returns after some time abroad (more distant) to Germany, you realize that there hardly is one very soon: garbage. The prejudice is indeed, Germany is a clean country in his veracity by the hand. At least the physical waste seems largely disappeared from the public sphere. The small landfill sites which were – we still remember – to see it 20, 25 years ago in this country on every corner and in every Park, are no longer visible for the most part. Detractors might say that you need a diploma for disposal of waste at home – how many tons do so outside the door? Also applies to waste the mass conservation law now is a truism that just because you can’t see something – in this case this still long “away” is the garbage that human “progress” so brings -. In this respect also our planet is a (nearly) a closed system and is known in these the set of the conservation of mass. You can see what that means, not only in the many ditches, it is also on a larger scale. Because you looking more closely, so applies in matters of waste disposal often just the bird ostrich principle; “out of sight, out of mind”.

The amounts of space junk, now orbiting the planet, it seems only a matter of time until the first communications satellite is shot down by his own rocket. The groping approaches by the way, include the plan, these earthly rubbish to convert to interplanetarischem, say: to shoot him into space. Buried and forgotten back on the Earth approaches the Gorleben Committee of inquiry after two and a half years his end also a beautiful lesson in waste. At the same time, it is clear that the world still unresolved issue of the fate of nuclear waste is not only a question of the civilian use of nuclear fission. So we read these days, that in the Arctic Ocean, one of the main fishing grounds of the Earth, particularly unsightly garbage was sunk and is already a tangible problem. Because there three nuclear waffenstarrende, nuclear reactor-powered Russian submarines corrode cheerfully to himself. It will be not the only and must know what the sea everything else about garbage take we to sufficient.

Remains of the garbage that we mass produce, though not see quality material: carbon dioxide, short CO2. Ceramic vs. nuclear waste just has the Federal Council rejected a Bill which provided for the capture and underground storage, this prosperity backlog. With this decision the so-called CCS method is (“Carbon Capture and Storage” disconnecting and storing CO2) but still far not off the table, already not worldwide. And here we are again. Buried and forgotten; We have not outgrown this literally stone age principle of waste disposal. But: Rotting bones, pottery and tools can in the archaeological museum – this does not apply to nuclear waste and CO2. Andreas Kellner…