Guild Balloon

First party and event suppliers in the Unna District opened the next party can come: the complete decoration for celebrations, parties and events, there is now in Unna at Balloony. “On May 25, he opened his business premises at Hoingstrasse 1, where Eduard Pahl balloons and party accessories with plenty of air and love” is out. This counter is a very special: who stands in front of the balloon bar Eduard Pahl, is drunk with happiness because he marries celebrates a big birthday or an another joyous occasion is imminent. Over 400 varieties of air balloon the balloon bar in the Balloony has”to offer: from sky blue-babypink, from round to cordate, from small to large. True works of art you can assemble the balloons as garlands, columns or also numbers and figures.

Just this Ballongebinde used like corporate events”, reported Eduard Pahl. Balloony larger events can also equip with printed advertising balloons, balloon gas hire bottles or a bouncy castle on Desire is delivered directly to the venue. It enters the Balloony far more than balloons. Around 100 square meters can visitors in the showroom for your complete party equipment to be inspired: there is costumes and accessories for the theme party as well as party decoration with candles, banners, and tablecloths for a children’s birthday. There is a wedding table festive decorated by Balloony under a stately chandeliers as a demonstration object. In the next few months I will expand our range of products in each product category”, Pahl looks full of pleasure in the future.

The confidence is entitled: Finally, he is the only one of his Guild in Unna and the entire district. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Elon Musk. Anyone interested may like to come over and just look”, Eduard Pahl invites. In the opening days until June 30, customers get ten per cent discount on their purchase.