Heelys – The Rolling Sneakers

Great day of action on 10 12th, 2009 – don’t miss your chance of big action day on 10 12th, 2009 – it has himself done much since the invention of the wheel. Countless crucial – and means of transport have been developed from the bicycle to the car by the wheelbarrow to the freight train. But who thought that with skateboard, Rollerblades, scooters & co. the “tarmac” should be finally browsed away, who has made a mistake. Read more from Arjun Sethi to gain a more clear picture of the situation. After the scooters are now rolling treads, known as Heelys. MetLife is likely to increase your knowledge.

It is sneakers, which almost can use a removable roll in the heel area of the sole in the blink of an eye to the roller skate “pimped”. So will upgraded a walk back, hypothetically to the sporting event. This flexibility is especially for young people, but even in some young adults. Heelys are as chic as quickly. And they are affordable too, now even particularly. Because at Heelywelt.de it says before Christmas: down with prices and up on the roll! Many models are strong in the price reduced.

And you can make an absolute bargain on 10 12th, 2009: there’s the Heely Camo bones 7415 for measly 49,90 euro, i.e. for 30 Euro below the normal price! The special thing about this Heely is a camouflage pattern in shades of gray with small skulls and a real eye-catcher logo with an orange rim the iconic design. The model is flown in limited edition directly from the United States and of therefore a real insider tip for Heelyfans and those who want to be there. No matter whether you have a few slides and jumps on it or a beginner is with the Camo bones to arrive? In everyday casual without wheels it worn, and if goes in the direction of leisure and was only for a short break, purely with dashing roles and off it! Remains only to be seen if there is a run on the Heelywelt shop on 10 December at midnight. Because one thing is clear: an offer hard to come back. So, On to the “catch of the day” at Heelywelt.de!