Hollywood Armani

In an era of gender gender become more confusion, Armani black elegant ladies watch AR0144the clothing is no longer absolute men and women are different, Armani black elegant ladies watch AR0144GIORGIO ARMANI is to break the boundaries of masculinity and femininity, one of the leading designer of women towards the neutral style. The ARMANI majoring in the science curriculum in schools, university to study medicine, military service as an assistant medical officer, the rational approach the analysis of training, Armani black elegant ladies watch AR0144as well as the world s concept of equilibrium is the clothes he designed the guidelines. ARMANI create clothing not in the abstract thought, but from observation, in the street to see others are elegant Armani The way they dress, Armani black elegant ladies watch AR0144they way I have reorganized to create his own ARMANI style, elegant form. Many of the world s executives, the Hollywood actor who took a fancy to such a self-writing style, and become followers of ARMANI. Hollywood even popular saying: When you do not know what to wear when wearing ARMANI is correct! Armani black elegant Ladies watch AR0144Jodie Foster is ARMANI loyal supporter.