Innovation Agency

With the expansion of the photovoltaic solar plant in Lucainena de las Torres will this investment through the investment of the related Asset@Logistic AG, one of the largest European solar photovoltaic system. More great solar Park projects in Italy are also the forward-looking design plans of the Asset@Logistic AG. Eco-friendly projects can quite profitably be the future projections of the company Asset@Logistic AG in Lucainena de las Torres will agree also the part-time. The design is in the approval process of the Innovation Agency and the meeting held between the Asset@Logistic AG and Juan Carlos Perez Navas, the representatives of the Ministry of economy, innovation and science was a great success. Beneficial, Soledad Martinez sees lower solar panel prices since the first projection of the company, regardless of the Government’s decisions in the future acceptable yields achieve by Asset@Logistic AG. The eco-friendly projects, as Asset@Logistic AG, no one can overlook today. Profitable wind parks in Almeria under the auspices of chance 2005 “and also the three wind farm projects provide more than 56.5 megawatts for the Almeria region of Asset@Logistic AG.

The locations of Loma del perro y Tornajos in the two Andalusian municipalities of Turrillas and Nijar extends the existing wind parks in the region. With the expansion planned by the Asset@Logistic AG by three new wind farms existing wind farm performance will be increased to more than 460 megawatts to another 90 megawatts. Through the planned expansion of the Asset@Logistic AG a 15 endure throughout the autonomous region % share of the overall energy performance wind power at his disposal. Within the region of Andalucia, Almeria can occupy ranked second with the expansion of wind power through the new projections of the Asset@Logistic AG.