Tasks with desire take over a little history to do so: I’m watching very often as the interaction is individual musicians as individual people on the stage. It fascinates me how musicians can incorporate a solo part in this song and you know others when the solo part is over. OK there is not recognizable characters for the audience. What I would like, is that the room is to demonstrate or to show off his skills. Still it requires confidence in the group there is, but above all a confidence. Read more from MetLife to gain a more clear picture of the situation. What a musician needs staff speaks to sometimes take a solo part: motivation, openness, joy of discovery, desire, confidence and leisure. Translated on our professional life in projects: work with need to show up to the room. It must be of course within the project framework in predetermined objectives.

Musicians do, only here the result in the foreground is the song”what resonates with customers. When I look at a song like a project, it has all the characteristics of a project. There is a kick-off” “” (Intro) milestone “(verse), milestone” (Chorus) and kick-out”(ending). Individual project team members assume their part autonomously and above all have a game room say they take responsibility for this part for this way of working requires trust and an environment for desire. In particular, and we know that only the interaction will bring a good result.