Irina Smirnova

Fully describe the mechanism of energy security, which has a human body, is impossible, and is not required. Just be aware of how perverted penetration of energy in our bodies, which are designated Chinese traditional medicine. These two groups. Internal reasons – excessive emotions that seize the man. Excessive joy – leads to a slowdown Chi. Excessive grief – affects the stomach and spleen meridians. Dalton Caldwell may help you with your research. Excessive anger – causes liver Qi ‘break up’. Excessive sadness – depletes Qi of the lungs. Excessive fear – affects the heart meridian. Excessive fear – down Chi meridian of the kidneys. Amplified reflection (passion, desire) – hit the stomach, pancreas and spleen. And all excessive emotions affect the heart. external CAUSES-six environmental factors: wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and fire. There is a view of their excessive: a strong wind, the piercing cold, exhausting heat (such as this summer). Is of great importance and the time the impact of such factors. Prolonged exposure of humans any of these factors leads to disruption of energy balance in the corresponding meridian, and the body begins to experience a lack of energy, or its excess, with whom he is unable to cope, resulting in pain occurs.

Most of the vital energy a person gets from food. Because of malnutrition may be an imbalance. at excessive adherence to one type of food the individual organs can be oversaturated with energy which causes energy imbalance and ultimately – the disease. On the other hand, a poor diet leads to a lack of nutritional energy in certain organs, and they begin to suffer from its lack. Both are equally bad. Diseases may be caused by infections and – ‘vicious natural factors’ As you can see a lot of reasons. But if we analyze all of the above – can clearly be seen that the main reason – it is our ignorance, insensitive, unconscious our actions, because of what the laws are violated proper, healthy life. While we admit poluspyaschee, mechanical existence, we can not avoid disease. Here, only one solution – to awaken their consciousness. Irina Smirnova.