Each lesson – a serious matter, and loss of time on it is unacceptable. >. This idea can be expressed using the Japanese term "ichi ichi th e" of the tea ceremony, which means what you think of the person sitting across from you, as a man whom you see in the first and last time in my life. Similarly, when engaged with a partner, you have to do it as though it may also go with a first and last. Before I met O-Sensei, I had the opportunity to try some martial arts, I enjoyed them, but did not feel a deep interest to any. Despite the fact that in these arts for spirituality (Seyshin), emphasis, I had a strong feeling that everything was as far away from art in general. When I met O-Sensei, I was very surprised and thought: "It is strange that such a venerable age, he was such a man." Before I was doing martial arts with the idea that a victory over an opponent – their only goal, but O-Sensei introduced me to a whole new world. Now I would like to give some simple explanations of basic techniques that we study. You have to remember the most important thing in Aikido: Aiki is kokyu and irimi-tenkan.

This is – the fundamental principle of Aikido. As for the kokyu, among the Japanese the most common meaning of the word – an ordinary "breath", "breath and exhale. " This is – biological respiration. But kokyu – not only that, in the martial arts is a very simple word expresses the essence of things such as relationship with a partner or the relationship of mind and body. In this sense, the true aiki prevents separation of mind and body and may extend beyond the techniques – the relationships between people. In the case of irimi-tenkan can think of two of its values.