I was to the center of the city to buy some gifts for my family, knows as it is, we are in the December month day 25 is Native, we have that to be thankful all for the affection during the year. Then I decided to go the Street of customs, in the center of the Rio De Janeiro city. There it has of everything since a pin until the cod of Christmas, is a traditional street. I arrived, I parked my car, knows as one hour is in the center of the city the parking is to the hour of the death costs 10,00 R$ passed of this paid you more, total roubalheira. To the floor for the street I look at who found the mysterious young walking freely for the streets, looked at and was to the meeting of it. It was happy to see me. said: Ol! My son how much time! I was floating, when I am close to it my heart beats a thousand for the moment. It noticed that I was anxious.

He asked: That my son transfers itself with you, you this agitated. I said my friend I am not that when I am close to you I am thus, I do not know why, but I perceive that necessary to make some thing to help somebody, you me awake this attitude of love. Said it me: – Fortunate the merciful ones, because they will reach mercy. Fortunate the pure ones of heart, because summer God! I asked: You always cite a stretch of the Sacred Bible, why? Said it me because it is the Book of the truth and all we have in them that to know, the truth, because the truth will free in them. But he is for reading and living deeply it, to place in the head, but not only to practise the teachings of GOD to be different in the world so diversified.