Kingdom Ones

The principle, I found fantastic, therefore we know that the Father used a mule to speak with its prophet, ademais, natural is the manifestation of God, the way that wants. But, nothing of extraordinary it happened, therefore the fat people had been to receive the miracle and they did not emagreceram, the old ones did not rejuvenesceram, the only paraltica did not walk and the ones that used eyeglasses, had had its returned eyeglasses therefore did not sararam its sights. What the fidiciary offices did not know was that they would have that to all give to a thousand Reals or the money that contained in the stock markets, therefore this donation would be a particular gift of each person for the Church. Loved brothers, as we need to be cautious and terms the eyes opened for this type of pregao, therefore Jesus never conditioned the cure or release of a person the payments or future promises to pay, also having banished the merchants from the Temple and broken the tables from the money changers, spreading the dinheiros for the soil. There, he warned them to Jesus not to make of the house of the Father marries business-oriented (Joo 2:13 – 17). Today, the converted ones live under the period of the favour, which has a proper characteristic, only, that it is the direction of the chosen ones for God, for construction of its Kingdom and the proper fulfilment of the word of God. This means that each separate sheep is guided for you by the Espirito Santo, that according to word of God, this new creature discerns everything (I Joo 2:27), having necessity of does not interpret or prophet so that this new to be walks for the perpetual life, therefore is guided by the Espirito Santo. The Bible also says in them of prudence (Mateus 10:16 the 23), the one that must take shelter the people of God, therefore the power of the evil, represented for Lucifer and its angels, is presented of some forms (I Peter 5:8 the 10), being dressed of candor and revealing as light angels.