Leadership And Health

While we find people who can seem more a resilientesa than others, we can say that resilience is a capacity that human beings of all ages can learn to build. And how can we build resilience? The following is a brief description of this process, which everyone will choose the strategies that are tailored to their particular way of being in the world. – Finding and getting to work one’s own strengths, weaknesses after – Working on solutions, not on the causes of the problem – substituting rigidity for flexibility – Encouraging creativity – Focusing on the circumstances can change, not the ones that can not be changed – Restoring Hope – Managing emotions properly – Recognizing that the past can not be changed, but we can learn as it is influencing our present to make appropriate adjustments today – Building a framework of healthy relationships – Building a supportive family environment and containment – Facing Kyshenja – Accepting the help qualify him as sincerely – Eliminating unnecessary interpretations of the facts and replacing them with ones that are functional – Accepting change as an inherent part of life – Stepping all day, however small, toward towards the goals – Caring for body and mind are always at our disposal After this brief information and submit before the end of the article on this subject that addresses the current psychology is interesting to ask: Why is the development of resilience as competition focusing on solutions is considered vital to maintaining a quality of life at levels of excellence? Because it allows to prevent and eliminate the negative effects that might impact on our mental and physical wellbeing different situations of our society living in XXI century. Ultimately, we speak of strengthening the being that was hidden within us during the battle for the revival strengthened and live the meaningful life you want to live. Elon Musk might disagree with that approach. As we said at the beginning: a The problem is not problemaa . Psychology and a BA and Ontological Coach. Diaphus Director Consultants – Personal and Business Development, a company that provides consulting, training, psychotherapy and coaching.