Light Element

Intellectually developed people, it is most people with excess water. This important energy is the energy of the world of money, too, refers to this element, but not in a hurry to put around fountains and cups of water it can hurt, since every element of our money may be a different element. Food is water: the fish and all seafood, pork, water. Water color – black and blue. For example a black bar refers to the element water.

It is not recommended to do a black roof, cover ceiling tiles black, hang a mirror on the ceiling, as it all relates to water, but we are not residents of the land of the underwater world, because the attributes of overhead can greatly harm the personal and financial. Water birth WOOD, all we heard about karma, the Internet and in books can be found huge amount of information about it. Karmic layer of our universe is a layer of the element of wood, if accumulated a lot of negative karma, man suffering, you must have read this "to clear the karma to go to the light." Light a fire, it weakens the tree, that is, to alleviate their suffering in this world worth doing self-development, try to be kinder, more smile, to create a generator of happiness, check out the movie "The Secret" a reference to the movie you can see here the ideas shown in this film help us understand the basic rules of the universe, using which you can significantly improved their perception of the world. .