Main Symbols

This article describes some of the symbolic interpretations of the illustrations of tarot cards. “The true Tarot is symbolism, not speaking another language or has other signs.” The words of Arthur Edward White, creator of the famous tarot Rider gives us a clue to the importance of understanding the symbols in each of the tarot. Each image that illustrates the tarot cards contains a multitude of small details. And these details have strong symbolic and provide new elements that enrich the message of the arcane. Water, for example, provides important clues. Does not appear as a figure with his feet on the land than over water, or along a stream or lake, or streams get mixed or separated.

The water, symbol of purification, the constant evolution of life and fertility of nature gives tarot cards that contain the mission to proclaim sweetness, love, prosperity, fertility and wealth. Except that, in the inverted position, overflow, as in Estrella (letter XVII). In this case, the water can announce losses or disappointment in love, becoming a metaphor for the tears shed by love. The figures of animals have traditionally embodied symbolic content in all great cultures of antiquity. Within the tarot cards are responsible to symbolize the instinctive and primitive passions still present in humans. The angels, like announcing our resurrection on Judgement (letter XX), or representing Temperance (Letter XIII), are carriers of messages and important announcements. In general, they have in the tarot cards to perform the role calls for a new awakening of consciousness. Interestingly, as in tarot cards, the wings, an essential attribute of the angels, are multiplied in other figures.

For some, the throne of the Empress (card III) has wings on the back. The Devil (XV letter) has wings on his back, this time without a doubt. Perhaps it is a reminder that this is a fallen angel and put us on guard against the dangers of wandering our way. Perhaps, however, is a reminder that, despite having fallen, it can still fly. And finally, the symbolic message of the tarot cards is completed with the interpretation of each student. And each client, as it will dictate your intelligence, your intuition and feelings.