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Zamasing 1.0 is a graphical user interface for Zope, the popular, Web-based open source application server. Nuremberg, April 15, 2008 published by beyond content GmbH today their new Zope product \”Zamasing\”. This modern graphical user interface replaces the classic Zope 2 management interface (ZMI) and is faster, easier, and more efficient management of Zope projects. Zamasing 1.0 significantly reduces the number of necessary clicks for everyday tasks and reduces at the same time the occupied bandwidth and processor usage. The Nuremberg-based company has developed an innovative, AJAX-based user interface for advanced Internet solutions that significantly increases the productivity of all tasks carried out over the Web (through-the-web) and offers a number of additional features. Zamasing 1.0 replaces the classic 2 Zope management interface (ZMI:) through an innovative Web 2.0 interface. The goal of beyond content team was developing a Zope interface, the behaves like a desktop application. Zamasing provides improved navigation through interactive menus.

Working with Zope is intuitive and clearly structured in this way. Zamasing 1.0 is the result of more than 10 years experience with Zope and dynamic Web technology, \”explained Dipl.-ing. Jorn Paessler, founder and Managing Director of beyond content GmbH. the daily work with the classic ZMI us made clear the need for a new approach in the Zope management and helped to develop a modern user interface, which increases the productivity of all Zope users.\” Work more efficiently and faster development times Zamasing 1.0 arranges all important buttons at the top of the screen, so that they are visible every time. This reduces the amount of required clicks and time-consuming scrolling to a minimum.

Another reason for the productivity increased by Zamasing 1.0 is the improved screen sharing. Navigation and content always appear in two separate areas.