Maria Dolores Carrion

Those gathered in Sun improvised, in addition, an Assembly, which ended on the 1 in the morning on Saturday, and that was never a consensus on whether leave or post information that not. Weekend of assemblies in addition to the square, the outraged reported that this weekend there will be new assemblies. In particular, on Saturday at 20 h. thematic meetings will be carried out in each one of the streets that lead to Sun, and Sunday at the same time will be held a general Assembly in the same square. March against violence just 24 hours after the police charge against the Ministry of the Interior (in the paseo de la Castellana), which ended with 20 persons were injured and four arrested, protesters wanted to show their revulsion for the performance of the antidistubios. The March on Friday was convened by consensus at the last on Thursday at an Assembly improvised in the plaza de Jacinto Benavente, after the incidents with the police. Denunciation of the facts on Friday morning, members of the Legal Committee of the Camping of the Puerta del Sol, they assured that security forces not warned previously that it would charge against the Ministry of the Interior, made that described as sudden and disproportionate. So told him members of the 15-M movement at a press conference, in which also called for the resignation of the Interior Minister, Antonio Camacho, and the delegate of the Government in Madrid, Maria Dolores Carrion, being held responsible for the actions of the riot police.

On the other hand, @acampadasol dinfundio a protocol for action before a possible police charge. They are recommendations for staying calm, dnderse among themselves and try to know the name and surname of agents that could charge during a demonstration… Free transit by Sun the ease with which the outraged had access to the plaza had been anticipated also this Friday by Dolores Carrion, who assured that the police would allow free transit through Sun, although it would not tolerate more camping u other occupations of public space in the plaza. Source of the news: Sol doors will reopen for the outraged