The massage beds are an indispensable tool both to perform massages in aesthetic treatments, since most of the massages and beauty therapies require a massage stretcher. The massage beds are probably the most important supplement that a therapist should possess and their main working tool, to exist several types, such as adjustable or fixed height massage beds, with or without reclining, wood or aluminium, electric, hydraulic or folding zones. Types, we can distinguish several types of massage beds: fixed height massage beds: the height is not adjustable, but it is fixed. Electric massage beds: are whose lifting mechanism is electric height-adjustable beds. Hydraulic massage couches: the height is regulated by a hydraulic mechanism. Folding massage couches: are designed to be easily transportable and folding portable stretchers. It is important that the stretcher have stiffness and stability, and at the same time having the minimum weight and volume folded.

A carrying case will facilitate his transfer. Massage chairs: this type of chairs, equipped with ergonomic headrest with facial opening, removable chest Chair, pending and prone arm, adjustable seat height, support for legs, feet antipatinazo and foam coating, guarantee an optimal access to the back and arms. Investment tables: allow apply investment therapies, which produce a general decompression of joints and spine. Features we see the main aspects to take into account in the massage beds. Fixed or portable stretcher: according to where the work develops a fixed or portable stretcher will be more convenient. If work is always performed in the query, the fixed, most robust, large, comfortable and durable massage beds are preferable. If you visit patients at home, folding massage couches are most appropriate, taking into account that the more light is less functionality you will need. Adjustable or fixed height: the height massage beds adjustable adapt better to the height of the masseur and the needs of each treatment.

Reclining areas: the at least two bodies massage beds, are preferred so that the backrest is adjustable. Usually the drive of the back tends to be mechanical, using levers. Material: the structure of the massage beds usually wood or aluminum, both light and quality materials. Width: wide massage couches are stronger and more comfortable for the patient, but they are heavier, factor to consider in folding stretchers. Stability: the massage beds must be stable, rigid and resistant, with a sturdy construction. Wheels: they facilitate the transfer and it is appropriate that they are retractable. Coating: it must be padded but not too soft, upholstered nonstick and easy to clean. Accessories: are preferable stretchers with accessories for treatments such as roll, wedge posture, neck pad, pad Crescent head with lift or facial stopper. Source: Massage beds