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To date, the service bikini design is very popular in many modern beauty salons. Masters Salons say that customers who have an intimate haircut at least once, use this service again and vnov.Iznachalno procedure goes as usual , and after you make a form, according to the chosen model. Can also add some color. So to say add some color. Most women prefer the drawings in the form of beautiful butterflies, graceful cats, roses, snakes and various hearts. Also, many women do intimate cut with the effect of surprise.

For example, you can do so, a gift to my man on New Year's or Valentine's Day. And if you still decorate her hair rhinestones or sequins, as an unforgettable experience you be able to give her man! Indifferent certainly no one will remain. Originally intimate hairstyles done with razors and scissors. But this method had many shortcomings. One of these shortcomings is the irritation the skin after shaving. Another drawback is that this haircut is very quickly lose their appeal, because the hair will start growing within a day or two. And only with the advent of these problems were solved. In order to get rid of excess hair, you can use the following two ways.

Methods of hair removal today is not so much. Basically, these are temporary methods – shaving, epilators, waxes and resins. The main disadvantage of these ways – short-term effect. Plus one of these methods – fast, low cost and feasibility of this procedure at home.