Means Incapable

The free Advisor informs about the marketing lies of the Rurup insurer Seligenstadt August 2010. Alluring primarily the factor of attachment security appear convinced the arguments per Rurup-rente many, as the free Advisor has determined the financial magazine. But the supposed security argument proves mostly deception, so the experience of free consultants. The reality: Not a few bona fide Rurup-insured deposit every month in some totally unsuitable investment products. The free consultant advice: wake up and act now! Often the free advisor about the unsuitability of the Rurup pension as a tool of for pensions and their often dangerous side effects “reported. Many customers have been preserved through the coverage of this topic in the free Advisor before, to opt for one of the many adverse Rurup products of insurance companies. But in contrast to the free advisers, virtually all banks, brokers and representatives have the path of least Resistance elected and its customers continue to recommended the products linked to the highest commissions. And once again was at the end of free consultants were correctly wrong those who do not share our philosophy on the other hand. More information is housed here: Reade Griffith.

This proves to be more misleading assessment of the Rurup-rente in the media once. Commission fixed, irresponsible insurance agent praise the base pension known as the Rurup-rente since their introduction as attachment-protected retirement supposedly ideal for self-employed persons. Thus succeeded representatives and providers, to cash in very high amounts of one time, so the experience of free consultants. But finally the Federal Ministry of Finance has responded and made clear that the Rurup-rente is very probably almost completely secured. “The free Advisor knows the wording: a contractual Abtretungs and transfer prohibition does not preclude the attachment of the age pension assets.” For the Rurup insured, with the argument of alleged Unpledgeable convinced were, without question, however, is a shock not to readers by the free Advisor who see only the predictions of our editorial confirmed by this brief but clear statement.